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Making the Parent Portal Work for You

What can a parent do?

Some suggestions with GROWTH in mind.

When talking to your teen about learning, try an ‘invitation-to-share’ tone. A caring chat about her strengths in learning, her struggles, and an offer to help her appreciate and plan her learning gets more attention than another lecture.  It will also help her feel responsible and appreciated.

Your teen has a low mark. What do you do?

1. Ask questions instead of lecturing.
a. I know you want to be successful and have worked to your best ability.  What is standing in your way for better learning?
b. What kind of future do you want to have? How will learning bring you closer to that future?
c. Do you want to be successful? What is your definition of success?
d. Is it important for you to learn how to keep going when the going gets rough?
e. What does it mean to be a learning person? What does that feel like, look like?

2. Tell your teens: “It’s ok; we learn from our mistakes. Next time can be better.”  Do you need anything from me to put together your plan for success?

Perhaps your teen has an excellent mark.  What do you do?

1. Again, ask questions: Does it make you feel powerful?  Remember that feeling.
Is it fun to learn?  Does learning make you feel free?

2. Help your teen recognize that his success satisfies the basic human needs of love and acceptance, power, freedom, and fun.

The objective is for your teen to be strengthened by creating the conditions for him to fix his mistake himself. Which approach below do you think would be the most effective?






As a parent be open about what you’re trying to do. Be prepared to pause and reflect and redo. Your teen appreciates honesty and openness.
Be open to your teen’s ideas and concerns.

Math - Graphing Calculator Purchase

Dear Parents,

Many mathematics courses at College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate require the use of a graphing calculator, specifically, the Texas Instrument TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus. If you are interested, you may purchase the calculator through the school at the price listed below. All orders for calculators must be in as soon as possible. I have already purchased the calculators, but there are only a limited quantity so they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please fill in the form on the back page if you are interested.
Every year I purchase calculators in August when they typically have the best sales of the entire year. I have completed a price comparison and the best price for the calculators was at Staples. In addition to having the best price, I pre-purchased the calculators on teacher appreciation day and saved an additional 10%! That means if you buy through the school you save 10% off the best price available. Quantities are limited and once the calculators are sold out I will not be able to get a similar price until next August. Please download the order form for more information about the different calculators and the prices available.

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