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Programs and Courses

Common Course Handbook for Sturgeon Heights

Programs are listed in alphabetical order Click Here


English Academic and Advanced Academic Programs-Students in this program complete the provincially designated core courses in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. To further enhance their educational experience, our grade 9 Huskies in the English Academic Program also select a minimum of 4 additional courses from a large list of academic and technical vocational options.
When registering for grades 10-12, students wishing to better prepare for post-secondary studies can complete specific courses in English, Mathematics and Sci-ence to receive an Advanced Academic Diploma. In addition, they may choose to simultaneously achieve a vocational certificate. Evidently, our students in the English Academic Program have many great learning opportunities available to them.

French Immersion

French Immersion Programme-The goal of the French Immersion program is to promote cultural awareness and develop students who are fluently bilingual in both of Canada’s official languages. Studies show that learning in a second language enhances brain development and academic achievement. This program offers students the same core courses as the English Academic Program; however, the language of instruction is French. In grade 9, our French Immersion Huskies must select a minimum of 3 options to complete their timetable. These additional courses may be studied in French or English.
Students in French Immersion wishing to further challenge themselves may take the prescribed courses necessary to achieve both an Advanced Academic and a French Immersion Diploma.

Club Ciné If you like movies and free food, come to room 2D5 this Thursday and Friday at lunch to watch Ernest & Célestine. All students who attend will get popcorn and a drink. For more information, see Mlle Bees Click Here

25032013_21159_0.pngInternational Baccalaureate Program

Internationall Baccaleaureate Programme-The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme follows a comprehensive pre-university curriculum that demands the best from academically-able, motivated students. The IB programme has internationally recognized standards which garner advanced standing at many Canadian universities. This is a two year program which officially starts in Grade 11 but we begin to prepare interested students in Grades 9 and 10. Therefore, all Grade 9 students considering the IB programme must choose French (FR10G) and Geography (GE20PB) in addition to the provincially designated core courses and two additional option courses.
The IB programme allows our French Immersion graduates to obtain an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma as well as a Provincial French Immersion Diploma. Grade 9 students in the French Immersion Program considering IB must register for géographie (GE20PBX) in addition to their mandatory core courses and two additional option courses.

Dear I.B. students,

Please consult the school IB webpage often.  Be prepared, stay on top of things and absolutely bring it up to your teacher if there are major conflicts.

Coordinatrice, Baccalauréat International/International Bacalaureate Coordinator
Jennifer Peters
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
888-0684 Extension 230

Music and Fine Arts

For more information on Band, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble or combo go to

For more information on Choir, Jazz Choir and Musical Theatre go to

For more information on the Visual Arts or IB Visual Arts programs, visit the following link:
or contact P. Fernie at the school (204) 888-0684
or email  

Technical Vocational

Technical Vocational Programme-Skilled trades are in high demand in our current job market. To explore these areas, grade 9 students may select options within our Technical or Vocational programming which include Aviation, Digital Media, Electronics, Electronic Communication, Graphic Arts, Hairstyling, Jewellery Arts, Photography, Power Mechanics, Welding and Woods courses.
Through grades 11 and 12 students have the option of continuing to sample technical-vocational courses or undertake full course loads that lead toward a Technical-Vocational Diploma in addition to an Academic Diploma. Food Services, Hairstyling, Power Mechanics and Welding programs are accredited with the Apprenticeship Branch and provide students with advanced standing in post-secondary studies.

 Last Modified: 25 April,2017